Firefly Pro Floodlight 20W Basic Series Outdoor FIREFLY EFL5020DL


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  • Do not use if the glass cover housing or power cables are damaged.
  • Product may be hot even after use. Exercise caution when handling.
  • Ensure that the device is securely attached, properly mounted and free from excessive vibration.
  • Follow the input voltage indicated on the packaging.
  • Ensure that main power supply is off before installing or wiring the lamp.
  • No serviceable parts inside.
  • Refer to qualified technician for repairs.
  • Firefly Basic series IP65 rated for Outdoor/Indoor use is environment friendly, lights up instantly with No UV emissions. Built for rugged use, it can with stand shock & vibration.
  • Its wide operating voltage range of 100-240V AC 50-60HZ is very much suitable for areas with unstable power fluctuations.
  • 20,000 Hours expected life expectancy at 1900 Lumens (95 Lumens/Watt) means less maintenance activities.
  • Plus, with CRI>= 80, you get more natural color rendition of lighted areas such as landscapes, billboards, facades, crossroads, bridges, factories and community entrances.

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