Ingco 6 inch Polishing Wire Brush Wheels For Bench Grinders Rust Removal WB51501


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  • 150mm(6)
  • Arbor: 22.2mm(7/8)
  • Max. speed: 9000rpm
  • Reduction ring 16.0mm,13.0mm
  • This Wire Wheels Ingco WB51501 is designed to last long. 
  • Long working life, High removal capacity
  • Comfortable use and less operate or fatigue
  • Possibility of working at high speed
  • For heavy-duty cleaning of welding and forge scale
  • Removal of rust deburring, scale, paint or other adherences on flat or irregular surface
  • Weld cleaning at the tube joins in pipelines
  • For continuous and frequent brushing process

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