Scrubz Cleaning Drawer Type Spin Mop

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  • A walkable spin mop with 360 degrees rotates, makes cleaning easier.
  • The newest powerful washing system design can save up to 98% energy.
  • Water outfall design & soap bottle design makes cleaning more convenient.
  • Functions:
  • Microfiber twist mop catches dust, hair, and dirt tightly and absorbs water more quickly and thoroughly.
  • Suitable for cleaning various surfaces, like wooden floors, tile, and marble. It is neat and compact so it's easy to store.
  • Scrubbing pad on mop head helps remove stubborn stains on floors.
  • catches dust, hair, and dirt tightly.
  • Make floor cleaning easy and simple.
  • Great for cleaning all types of floors, such as wooden floors, tiles, and marbles.
  • Convenient for us.
  • Features:
  • Hang-up feature for convenient storage.
  • Dimension: 28cm X 27cm X 29cm
  • Single Bucket Spin Mop
  • 1. Washing and dehydration integration: Self-washing and self-wringing system makes cleaning easy and reduces cleaning time. This spin mop and bucket system has an agitator in the water reservoir for spin washing loosening dirt and a spin cycle in the dryer basket for wringing water out of the mop head to desired dampness. Your hand stay clean and dry with this self-washing  and self wringing action and not much physical effort is needed.  
  • 2. Our Spin Mop is perfect for cleaning all types of flooring such as wood, tiles and marble. Deep cleaning micro-fiber removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime, mop head is durable and machine washable.
  • 3. The handle can be adjusted to different angles (45,90 or 180): Simply move the joint up and down. The 108 degree swivel mop head provides east access around furniture and different  corners of the room.
  • 4. It comes with drain plug to easily drain out dirty water.
  • Features:
  • Hang up feature for convenient storage
  • Scrubbing Pad
  • 1 extra Microfiber mop head
  • Rachet to twist on the handle
  • Non-slip TPR handle makes it more comfortable to hold

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