UNI-T Original 100% Accurate Digital Non-Contact Thermometer Thermal Scanner Thermometer UT305R


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LED + sound alarm:
High temperature LED + audible alarm: >37.2℃ display red LED; ≤37.2℃ display green LED.
High temperature sound alarm: >37.2℃ audible buzzer.
Model: UT305R
Temperature range:32℃~42.9℃ (89.6℉~109.2℉)
LCD display:TN LCD
Accuracy:±0.3℃ (0.6℉)
Optimal measuring distance:5~10cm
Repeatability:0.3℃ (0.6℉)
Response time:≤250ms (95% of reading)
Spectral response:8μm~14μm
Auto power off: YES
High temperature LED alarm:>37.2℃: display red LED, ≤37.2℃: display green LED.
High temperature audible alarm:>37.2℃: audible buzzer.
Data hold:YES
HD backlight:YES
Tripod mounting hole:YES
℃/℉ selection:YES

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