The Company

Company History

Winland Electronics and Electrical Center is a leading retailer in the electrical, electronics, audio, and appliance industries. It was established on November 2, 2016, and is situated at 10th Avenue West, Grace Park, Caloocan City. It was formed by Edwin Bayno Jr. He was motivated to run the company by his Father, Edwin R. Bayno Sr., who established Winron's Electrical Supply Center in the 1980s. It is based in Manila's Tondo district. Both Metro Manila and the provinces are served by it. Today, it is one of Winland Electronics and Electrical Center's sister firms.

The workforce of Winland Electronics and Electrical Center gradually increased from a small number of employees. In 2016, Edwin T. Bayno Jr. took up his father's legacy. The business began to include the younger sons' assistance into both traditional and digital ways of doing business. In order to promote and sell various products, a few flatforms joined and began performing live selling online.

When the pandemic hit, the company's online platforms became its landmark, and it began to amass various manufacturing workers and decide to establish another firm that accepts online orders. Winland's was significantly growing in terms of the assigned territory, the workforce, and the business.

Edwin T. Bayno helped his younger brother Jayson T. Bayno build and establish Parsell Company, which currently has its operations in Potrero, Malabon. The online business is supported by a variety of brands or categories. The company sells a wide variety of commodities including both locally, internationally and nation-wide produced items including copper wire, speakers, electrical and lighting equipment, tools, electronics, and appliance parts, among others. Items encourage collaborations and expand in the area of kitchenware, audio, home appliances, and comparable goods to other malls businesses.

Up to this point, he was able to gain the confidence of his clients and suppliers while also significantly increasing his sales.

Our Company is headed by our President and Operations Head, Edwin T. Bayno Jr., Vice-President and the Head of Sales and Marketing, Jayson T. Bayno and our Chief Operation Officer and the Cashier Head, Ma. Bella T. Bayno.

As of now, we have a total of 104 employees. 3% comes from the Business Committee, 3% comes from the managers, 8% comes from the supervisors, and the huge 86% comes from the rank-and-file. Around 19% of the employees are freelancers under production.