Mission & Vision


Our vision is to be the best retailer and wholesaler of appliances parts, tools, audio, electrical and electronics at the most convenient way and meet ever dynamic changing needs of emerging market.


At Winland, our mission is to serve our valued guests by providing appliances parts, tools, audio, electrical and electronics with excellent value, variety, and service. Being the best in every aspect, Winland is continuously following the technology trends for unlimited opportunities of innovation to secure financial stability and growth. We are fundamentally dedicated not only to our guests, but also to society’s well-being, and provide training and empower our team to consistently strive in achieving consequential goals.

Core Values

Customer-focus: Employees make sure that the needs of the customers are met. They are responsible for maintaining customer relations and satisfaction. 

Integrity: Commitment and passion for work. also includes punctuality.

Teamwork: Work collaboratively while effectively communicating with teammates, co-workers and management. Setting aside personal conflicts by working together with others and being professional at work

Excellence: Strive their best in doing their work.

Quality: Strive to provide high-quality services and products that meet its customers' and suppliers' expectations and requirements. 

Respect: Treat customers, co-workers and management with respect by having a good attitude.