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Platinum REYNA 3C

Platinum REYNA 3C

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Model: REYNA 3C

The Reyna 3C v1.5 is designed for both Home and Professional use.

It incorporates the latest functions in a karaoke system, also having unique features only seen in this platform compared to the other model in it's class.

The Reyna 3C v1.5 guarantees excellent performance and lasting reliability.

It is recommended to use Platinum Karaoke sound equipment with this product for a more enjoyable experience.


On-screen Song Search

Song Update every 4 months

Multiple Background Videos

Recording Function

USB 2.0 Slot

Digital Video Out

2 Wired Microphone Input Jacks

LED Display

Infrared Remote Sensor

I.R Extension Jack

Composite Video Out

RCA Audio Jack

Coin-In Jack

Score-In Jack STORAGE:

DVD Dual Layer 8.5GB POWER:

Auto Volt AC 110-250 / 50-60 Hz / 15W

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